Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Secret Portrait by Lilian Stewart Carl

A mystery novel that is neither overly blood soaked nor overly cutesy! Finally. Author Martha Wells (one of my favorites, look for a review of her The Serpent Sea soon!) posted a list of some of her favorite books over at The Book Smugglers, and recommended this author. So now I have a new mystery author to read.

The series is set in Scotland and features Jean Fairbairn, a slightly psychic (she can see ghosts) magazine journalist and ex-historian as the protagonist. She teams up with DCI Alasdair Cameron to investigate the case of a murdered man she was set to interview who is found in an eccentric billionaire's mansion. There's a lot of Scottish history in the book, most of which I hadn't learned before, but if you are into the history of the area, you may already know these things. There's some hinted at romance, but we're still in the getting to know each other phase. There are four novels in the series, and while I wouldn't declare it my favorite series ever, I look forward to having more new mysteries to read!